The TAG Dental Implant System was designed to combine advanced engineering, simplicity and flexibility: a single implant system that enables and features unique platform switching, a reverse crown abutment profile design and uniform internal connection designs (hex and conical). Three concepts that together provide an ideal restorative solution for various implant needs.


TAG’s superstructures have a carefully engineered concave profile design (Reverse Crown, RC) and a unique platform switching capability that keeps the implant-abutment connection away from the bone, The pillar design incorporates the “Reverse Crown” concept, increasing the volume of soft tissue in order to enable the achievement of a high level of aesthetics.


Reliable and easy-to-use, TAG Dental’s surgical instruments are your ideal partner for restorative dental procedures. We offer a variety of precision-manufactured, high-performance surgical tools that are designed to enable you to meet your patients’ expectations and restore even the most challenging of dental cases, safely and seamlessly.

Digital Solutions

Our Digitag technology lab allows for revolutionary guided surgery planning and execution. With Digitag, dentists can visualize the anatomy of the patient’s jaw and plan the exact placement of virtual implants. Radiographic templates provide an incredibly high level of accuracy when placing the implants, allowing for the optimum position, exact depth and angle of each implant within the jaw. And top-down design simplifies the prosthetic stages for immediate loading of customized restorations.