All implants can be placed using the same surgical instrumentation kits, giving the clinician surgical convenience and flexibility in choosing the ideal implant for each patient’s needs. Universal colour coded drill slot identifiers allow ease of placement for all implant diameters. Our compact kit footprint is 35% small than other kits, saving you valuable workspace. All kits are supplied with a premium adjustable torque wrench and Lindemann bur.

TAG Premium Surgical Kit

Premium Surgical Kit

TAG Compact Axis Surgical Kit

Compact Axis Surgical Kit

TAG Compact Massif Surgical Kit

Compact Massif Surgical Kit

TAG Pixel Crestone Surgical Kit

Pixel Crestone Surgical Kit

TAG Prosthetic Kit

Prosthetic Kit

TAG Universal Holder Kit

Universal Holder Kit

TAG Technician Holder Kit

Technician Holder Kit